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I'm doing okay, I just really needed to get away from things and potato around for a bit. Videos should be back to its regular schedule!
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  • Phantom Striker
    Phantom Striker43 minutter siden

    Lowkey could have said that you make 100 dollars from it. And she would have gotten 2 dollars.

  • Preston Crane
    Preston Crane53 minutter siden

    “I want to get paid for not doing anything” basically

  • Player
    PlayerTime siden

    Taco is the real life..

  • Dingle Pop
    Dingle PopTime siden

    Can you tell us the story behind Steve ?

  • Dynamosaurus Imperious
    Dynamosaurus Imperious2 timer siden

    I like this. This is good.

  • Wolfblood Klaw
    Wolfblood Klaw5 timer siden

    It's nice that you apologized but you didn't have to. Your fans will wait for you😁

  • Why? Because
    Why? Because8 timer siden

    Day 1 of telling dom "What did Steve Do in his video "Crushes" to make him hate him.

  • jcmiller23
    jcmiller2310 timer siden

    No idea why you apologized for production running behind schedule, that wasn't your fault and is normal in showbiz. Also she was an extra. Sounds like she was stressed and couldn't handle it well.

  • Micheal Afton
    Micheal Afton11 timer siden

    Bruh it is novy

  • Micheal Afton
    Micheal Afton11 timer siden


  • Floofy Boi
    Floofy Boi12 timer siden

    Am I the only one that wants to see the commercial now?

  • Rocky Mountain Television
    Rocky Mountain Television14 timer siden

    Dude she is a good digger

  • Keon Harness
    Keon Harness14 timer siden

    moral of the story is dont tell people you barley know what your going to do because they personality change up real quick

  • BoredSonicFan
    BoredSonicFan14 timer siden

    What? A storytime channel that actually animated? Impossible.

  • Ironskeleton
    Ironskeleton19 timer siden


  • Emily RedSed
    Emily RedSed20 timer siden

    I hope you got through this okay! You're amazing

  • Devansh Sharma
    Devansh Sharma21 time siden

    I love the way he speaks its feels like he's talking to me

  • LeShawnDeQuea
    LeShawnDeQuea21 time siden

    Honestly man it sucks that you're not getting any luck in the dating scene. You deserve better.

  • cooleplayz
    cooleplayz22 timer siden

    me: suprised the comments arent filled with simp

  • Vortex


    3 timer siden

    They are tho. Look at the replies of top comments.

  • A d A m
    A d A m22 timer siden

    This vid make even me felt anxious and nervous

  • lenix gaming fan
    lenix gaming fanDag siden

    I watched comics for a long time now and as soon as I heard "I started dating this girl" this will not end well Brake ups part 5

  • Josh Gian YT
    Josh Gian YTDag siden

    Your girl is umm You need to do something about it

  • Gamer YT 674 ph
    Gamer YT 674 phDag siden

    Fun fact:30% of ur subs are filipino(like me)

  • Kunal Kumar
    Kunal KumarDag siden

    Your new gf is quiet, strange it seems.

  • Mr Coco
    Mr CocoDag siden

    Goddamn she is really insecure! Domics didn't hold back this time!

  • oddballoni
    oddballoniDag siden

    7.32M subscribers. Wow. I’ve been watching you for like 10 years now. You’re amazing.

  • Gotcha life Girl1305
    Gotcha life Girl1305Dag siden

    Hi,I’m a big fan and I was thinking of making my own animation NOlocal channel.I was wondering(just a suggestion) if you could do a video giving some tips or what drawing apps are best to use for animation.Just asking and if not that is fine.

  • Lite
    LiteDag siden

    Hey Dom I have an idea for a Hypotheticals video with Jomm and Kreesh. You can teleport anywhere you want... BUT every time you do, you are blinded for half a second and it increases by half a second each time. So by the 50th time I teleport I would be completely blinded for 25 seconds.

  • Peony A
    Peony ADag siden

    (at the time)

  • Jakin Luk
    Jakin LukDag siden

    Although that is toxic, it's not exactly gold digging

  • Andres Sartiaguin
    Andres SartiaguinDag siden

    Man that your girlfriend showed you some red flags here. Man that is a terrible and an idiotic thing that your girlfriend did.

  • Blurplepie
    BlurplepieDag siden

    oh wow so dom actually dated someone who was legit evil huh

  • Oh My Josh
    Oh My JoshDag siden

    Don't tell me this was Nancy...

  • Marquel Dewitt
    Marquel DewittDag siden

    🧐Better then me bro just for her being greedy I wouldn't have gave her sh!+ You invited her out of the kindness of your heart and if you chose to get her little conversation money which you probably would have because y'all still was at the beginning of the stage of your relationship and you would have wanted her to feel secure some type of way or a bit happy just being a gentleman like hey here it's like a hundred bucks or something never know how much you would have gave her but the thing is she asked for 2% you was not obligated to get her anything from the start you're just being a nice boyfriend new boyfriend at that to invite her somewhere and she got to the nitty-gritty and wanted to know how much you made so she can calculate how much of the money she wanted and that wasn't fair to you bro at allat that point she went and got nothing and it would have been synchro swim from there either she would have been that mad that I didn't give her nothing because of her greedy actions and she didn't want nothing else to do with me or she just would have dealt with the consequences and maybe saw her wrong or not saw her wrong but call her for what it is and continue to date youbut nine times out of 10 if you wouldn't have gave her the the 2% she probably would have broke up with you I found a way to or make the relationship uncomfortable

  • Phazyo
    PhazyoDag siden


  • Blueberry-flavored Chips
    Blueberry-flavored ChipsDag siden

    Can you link the ad??

  • D M
    D MDag siden


  • 12 34
    12 34Dag siden

    So what’s the sponsor today?

  • Miri Creates
    Miri CreatesDag siden

    Have you ever been in a non-toxic relationship? I mean, I haven't either, but that's why I'm Seriously, I feel bad every time you talk about an ex...

  • Nozepi
    NozepiDag siden

    я ждал этого видео год

  • Sidics
    Sidics2 dager siden

    oi what happened to claire, whyd she break up

  • Anabelle
    Anabelle2 dager siden

    "she was upset, understandbly" No, fuck this. It should have been: "I understand why the schedule has changed, because it happens! Waiting two hours is not a big deal, it's okay. I was the one who didn't want to be here the whole time anyway." End.

  • gone wrong
    gone wrong2 dager siden

    Love from Bangladesh

  • Lorraine Cuevas
    Lorraine Cuevas2 dager siden

    woahhhh it's been like 3 or 4 years since i've seen one of your videos. the intro brought me happy memories

  • Gabriel M.
    Gabriel M.2 dager siden

    I FOUND THE AD!!!!!!! she shows up at 0:41 & 0:45 (Also she responded )

    TЯŪḞƑⱠËŞ2 dager siden

    She sounds horrible honestly :/ it wasnt your fault the team was late at all. Im glad you got to be a part of a commercial though! That sounds amazing! Im glad youre back too

  • F TM
    F TM2 dager siden

    I hope you're doing well, man. Sorry you had to deal with that.

  • Logical Numi
    Logical Numi2 dager siden

    Hey I was just playing some and I saw someone named Dominic wondering if it was you Could just be a random guy named Dominic but I was just curious.

  • Sam
    Sam2 dager siden

    Wow. Bullet dodged. God help whatever mug she leeches off of in future.

  • Rwodanyvich Destra
    Rwodanyvich Destra2 dager siden

    I like your new background

  • Real Winner
    Real Winner2 dager siden

  • WhoseAqua
    WhoseAqua2 dager siden

    Time to watch another Dom video! Wait why am I not subbed...

  • Penfell
    Penfell2 dager siden

    Man, why are you the most wholesome guy?! She was demanding and unsupportive yet you're still trying to give her a break and see things from her perspective D: on an unrelated note, I'm a noob animator trapped in anime school and your videos, from years ago, were one of my driving inspirations for taking up this career path. So thank you for all your hard work and top notch story telling skills!

  • Lawrence Jacob Gamas
    Lawrence Jacob Gamas2 dager siden

    You should try to create a podcast :)

  • Sameen Anwar
    Sameen Anwar2 dager siden

    Watch her ask to be paid for being in this story😂

  • Who?
    Who?2 dager siden

    Ima say it. Your girl kinda sus ngl

  • mario good
    mario good2 dager siden

    why is this me

  • Remy Schrader
    Remy Schrader2 dager siden

    seriously pay her min wage for her time (same as non-union extras make in L.A.) and then never have anything to do with her again and ESPECIALLY NOT THE NEXT GIRL WHO DOES THE SAME STUFF BECAUSE YOU GOT TO BREAK THE PATTERN MY MAN

  • Jess ._.
    Jess ._.2 dager siden

    yay Phoenix !

  • Remy Schrader
    Remy Schrader2 dager siden

    watched your video give me twoo pursssent

  • SnipinJP
    SnipinJP2 dager siden

    She looks like the ex that liked arguements in one of his videos.

  • Mirroughs
    Mirroughs2 dager siden

    Let this be a lesson, don't become or date, a gold digger. You owe them nothing, and it's okay to walk away from them if they ask for money for anything you buy them. It's an equivalent exchange at that point, so if they ask for a payment, ask for the return of the gift. Have a receipt, and start billing for your time. That could be a reverse tactic, but at that point, the relationship could end non-payment to the gold digger.

    POOTIS ENGAGE2 dager siden

    wow bruh i think i met domics at the bookstore but since i didnt follow his instagram i didnt recognize him now i want to jump off a bridge

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty2 dager siden

    The king has returned.

  • Omar Remah
    Omar Remah2 dager siden

    Is my mind dirt or do I hear porn intro Everytime I hear domics intro

  • deeeeemoo
    deeeeemoo2 dager siden

    Damn bro. Sucks to be in so many relationships and get finessed everytime.

  • No Name
    No Name2 dager siden

    Make a vid about Steve

  • Li0nheart
    Li0nheart2 dager siden

    get your fucking money back !

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    2 dager siden

    i loved that yugioh reference

  • mindofaoutsider
    mindofaoutsider2 dager siden

    Thanks for sharing. Im glad you are doing better

  • AtomSeis
    AtomSeis2 dager siden

    He's back!

  • Royal
    Royal2 dager siden

    the intro sounds like a new era of the ph intro

  • Grace Xu
    Grace Xu2 dager siden

    No one would’ve thought that this was Nancy if it wasn’t for her proving it herself 😅

  • Tuli Akhtar
    Tuli Akhtar2 dager siden

    I kinda miss you're videos. They're funny.

  • Ire Balogun
    Ire Balogun3 dager siden

    I didn't know he had a girlfriend *at the time*

  • Joshua Biondo-Ballard
    Joshua Biondo-Ballard3 dager siden

    Hope to see a sober convos 7 in the future

  • Canadian boi
    Canadian boi3 dager siden

    Welp nice

  • Gail Lewis
    Gail Lewis3 dager siden

    If she's not impressed already, don't date her.

  • Eli Rose
    Eli Rose3 dager siden

    you will know if a person loves you if they are willing to wait for you for hours... Sadly she isnt that into you... :(

  • Kairo YT
    Kairo YT3 dager siden

    I know you're a filipino

  • Kairo YT
    Kairo YT3 dager siden

    Hmm new subscriber po Marunong ka parin po ba magtagalog?

  • Gibs Lewiston
    Gibs Lewiston3 dager siden


  • Omega Vega
    Omega Vega3 dager siden

    i loved that yugioh reference

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt3 dager siden

    "She complained it was way too early" Me sleeping in the afternoon not doing anything but sleep and waking up at 1 in the morning: 👁👄👁

  • Stormi Wolf YT
    Stormi Wolf YT3 dager siden

    Is the gaming cafe open fright now?

  • Splashy -Funidragz
    Splashy -Funidragz3 dager siden


  • Jake Kammerer
    Jake Kammerer3 dager siden

    6:00 that would be no problem for mr. wake up at 3:00 sometimes (me)

  • Sue
    Sue3 dager siden

    please don't feel like you HAVE to tell us when you need a break, you're human, you have feeling and you don't owe us an explaination. I hope you're feeling better

  • bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt

    3 dager siden

    *Dies in wheeze

  • Emerald Knight
    Emerald Knight3 dager siden

    Lol that girlfriend bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad d bad bad bad

  • Noopur Kashyap
    Noopur Kashyap3 dager siden

    Ah, sounds extremely toxic and terrible, brother. I have been a watching the videos since a long time so I really really hope you do feel better.. You are amazing! And hey, welcome back ❤

  • KDTV
    KDTV3 dager siden

    Ngl, that shit was the pettiest thing i've ever seen. Probably should keep her as a girlfriend and that's it. I can only imagine what it would have been like if it were something more.

  • shiru naga
    shiru naga3 dager siden

    wait wuts the ad

  • Kathy Sandlin
    Kathy Sandlin3 dager siden

    You should do a hypothetical about having the ability to see where people are but if they are dead then you die

  • Tahmeed Dihan
    Tahmeed Dihan3 dager siden

    Do you always end up in toxic relationships????.😑😑😑😑

  • Veldren Savoth
    Veldren Savoth3 dager siden

    You paid her bro!!!!!! Why?!

  • Splashy -Funidragz

    Splashy -Funidragz

    3 dager siden


  • Veldren Savoth
    Veldren Savoth3 dager siden


  • Kal-El Urbano
    Kal-El Urbano3 dager siden

    Dom how many hours did you put into maple story you never showed us

  • Zharik Subaterlo
    Zharik Subaterlo4 dager siden


  • Romarro
    Romarro4 dager siden

    Ur to nice I wouldn’t have paid her sh$@

  • Blessyn Mayfield
    Blessyn Mayfield4 dager siden

    “Pay me” Domics: 😐

  • perminder thakur
    perminder thakur4 dager siden

    bro make a video in which you show how you used to study because you were top of class. It will be a great help for us(me)🤗.Love you videos